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Create and support beautiful apps that help improve the lives
of people in which require access to them.


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Benefits on why to choose us


CloudFlare DNS

CloudFlare DNS is our high-performance, resilient, Domain Name System (DNS) that publishes your domain names to the global DNS in a cost-effective way. This lets us manage and publish your necessary zones and records in the DNS without the burden of managing our own DNS servers and software.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a cryptographic protocol that provides security of communications data across computer networks. We are pleased to be able to offer free SSL certificates to all our hosted sites through Let’s Encrypt providing the domain meets their requirements.

Google Compute Engine

Google Compute Engine allows us to run our virtual machines on the Google infrastructure. The Compute Engine offers scale, performance, and value that is allowing us to easily launch larger compute clusters on Google’s infrastructure to ensure we are keeping up with demand for our sites.

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage is our unified object storage used to store all media content off of the main web server and into ‘buckets’. This allows for faster load times and higher security for your information stored on the same infrastructure Google itself relies on, delivering unmatched business continuity.


We use a private Git repository service hosted on the Cloud Platform. We use Git Repositories for collaborative development between our team members as well as to keep a historical log of code, if ever we need to roll back to a previous code base for your custom built site.

Offsite Backups

We take the utmost care to ensure your data is safe, whilst it is on our server, we therefore take a daily snapshot of your website data and database and store it off site to ensure your website continues to run smooth no matter the circumstances.

About us

We provide creative solutions that get attention and meaningful to clients around the world.

Ecnal (Ecnal Electronic and Mechanical Services) pride themselves on the ability to look after their clients like second nature.

Through our many years of experience through the IT industry and also the entertainment industry we are capable of completing most tasks at hand, or we know the company that can do it.

The team at Ecnal do what they do best when it comes to Web hosting and development. We have a dedicated in house team that manages our cloud servers and development of clients websites.

Ecnal was founded in 2005, by Lance N. Solomon, a then early 20’s entrepreneur with a small growing family, working full time in the Event industry as a professional Audio Engineer. Since then Lance has a completed a Bachelor Degree in Information Technology, with a major in Computing and Intelligent Systems (AI) from Griffith University on the Gold Coast which inspired him to further pursue his passion of developing great intelligent solutions.

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